3 Atanas

Atanas lounged in the leather chair of the Edinburgh hotel, toying absently with his Laphroig.  He had made a decision that he should have made a long time ago and felt almost giddy from excitement.  That bumbling idiot Julian had been intercepted by Yankai and his people. He would have been perfect for Baelberith.

He closed his eyes and saw them by the waterfront preparing for tomorrows eclipse.  The girl’s power was weaker the closer he was and she could not stop him now. He could hear them talking about The Poet. Atanas stopped dead. Yankai was involving another Aeheri and this one was legend across all the Worlds! This was unexpected and may change everything he had spent so much time planning. Atanas’ mind whirled with possibilities and outcomes. How could he eliminate The Poet?

He sipped his whiskey. He would need immense power and then with that thought, the answer came to him. There was a way! He would have to make his move more quickly than he had expected but with Aeheri he could bring more power to bear than even he had imagined in his planning. Yankai’s move would not help him at all and in fact would bring about almost immediate and devastating destruction to them all. Atanas was energised with excitement at the prospect. It was almost impossible to conceive but Atanas had given many such eventualities a lot of thought and he knew how to do it.  He just needed, as always, an agreement!

In these days of credit, he could pay the price with something he had not got yet.  Why not?  Everyone else was doing it and what happened in the world here had sidereal effects in the other linked worlds including his.  He would pay with the soul of the Poet on credit and destroy Yankai.

Tomorrow the eclipse would bring a rare opportunity to bring something very big to Edinburgh and hundreds of years of waiting would come to an end.

“Can I help you?”  The voice belonged to the pale concierge.

Atanas drained the last of the blood from the concierge into the tub and threw the shrivelled body into the Hotel room lounge.  Dipping his little finger into the pool he tasted the blood and winced a little.  It was weak but with the energy of tomorrow mornings eclipse it would be more than enough.  Really this was just to get things started.  He keyed a button on his gauntlet and a small holo floated a few feet in front of him.  The woman in the holo nodded.

“Atanas! It’s been a while, what would you like me to do?”

“I have the essence of a true poet Zemeen.  Now put me through to The Ironbound!”

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015


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