22 The Order (Director’s Offcut)

After Yankai’s Skull was finished, I re-read it again and felt that there was a lack of a female character with real strength in the story.  Having met some very strong women recently I wanted to change that balance and in a way, create the idea of a character who was so strong, she had the potential to best The Poet himself (or at least be confident enough to try) and I wanted to introduce her in a certain way.  One of my favourite authors was David Gemmel and Gemmel fans may notice some similarity in the way the combat is written and certain other character moments.  I was thinking of David Gemmel when I wrote these sections.  This man wrote two books which sent a physical shiver up my spine.  The first is called “Legend”, the second is called “The King Beyond the Gate” and he spends the first half of the book introducing us to the best warrior the world had ever seen in Tenaka Khan. Then, out of nowhere, he introduces us to an even more deadly warrior with the amazing line: “You mean you have never heard of Decado?”  I have never forgotten that moment and wanted Hazel Holmes introduced, with all humility, in the same way, as a thank you to Mr Gemmel.  I also wanted Mary’s story to be circled off with Mark returning to San Francisco and left to the imagination of the reader and myself.

This chapter was included originally but has since been removed as I felt it is a little bit too Hollywood. It feels like a bolt on (which it was) to springboard a franchise rather than a bolt on to balance the gender power and is just way out of place.  Also I wanted to move on and leave the Skull to float free in all it’s demonic glory so rip, shred, tear… out you go!

But having met another strong female lead recently, I wanted to at least let this small chapter exist somewhere as a small nod to the character of Hazel Holmes and maybe, if anyone else wants to pick up the story, they can.  I’m not sure where the copyright starts and ends in this case, but if there is someone out there who wants to tell us how Yankai does in the Darkworld or how Mark deals with his new role and how Mary deals with him then pick up the pen and go for it.  What’s in Yankai’s letter to Jackie and what happens to Wayland?  Over to you, whoever you are.  Take it, change it, make it better or leave it.  It’s something to do 🙂  I wish you well.

22 The Order (Director’s Offcut)

“The Poet and Jackie have almost landed at Travis Air Force Base General.  The immortal called Wayland is off the grid again.”

“Thank you lieutenant, keep me informed of their position, I don’t want to lose them too.”  The General turned to the young man standing with him in the control room. “Jackie plans to follow Yankai to the Darkworld and that could well lead to a war with those demons that mankind might not win Mr Pazik.  Tell me that letting them leave the UK was not the biggest mistake of our lives!”

“You are thinking in terms of conventional warfare General Orwell.  This war, if it comes, will not be won with tanks or guns but we agree with you, she cannot be allowed to go to the Darkworld with The Poet.  We have sent our best knight to meet them in San Francisco and if necessary, eliminate them both.”

“Eliminating The Poet is not something you just say Mr Pazik.  You eliminate a president or a dictator or a spy.  This is an immortal being that cannot be beaten in combat.  How the hell does The Order plan to do that exactly?”

“Non conventionally General Orwell.”

“This knight of yours must be something pretty special.  What’s his name?”

“She, is called Lady Hazel Holmes and she is a hardcore son of a bitch!”

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015


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