Medicine of Fire

The flames gave warmth and light.
Each night they would gather together around the fire
eat and talk of things gone by
of today and of things to come.
The elders would listen and occasionally speak
and when they did,
the others listened.

This night, there were only two by the fire.
The medicine woman and the one she would show.

The fire is change, unpredictable and beautiful.
Without it, we would die.
It gives us warmth and sustains us.
It challenges us to be respectful of its power
for it will consume all without remorse
and does not choose good over evil.
It simply is.
If it dies, we die.
Do you understand this medicine?

If we let it die, we die.

if we feed it too much, it consumes us and we die.
We must keep the fire alive and feed it,
enough to keep us and the ones we love alive.
This is the start of the medicine of fire, said the old woman.
The flames danced in her eyes as she witnessed the change
in the one she showed.

The start? Said the one she showed.

Yes. It is inevitable that we and the fire will be no more.

I will tend the fire and make sure it never dies, said the one.

I am not talking about this fire said the medicine woman.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015


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