She was a wonderful and open woman, quick to hug and kiss hello. Her arms were long and soft as if they had been designed for embracing whoever strayed within their reach. Her ample bosom plump and warm to provide a place of rest and comfort to those she pulled toward her heart. A larger woman, she filled the room with a gentle presence and when she spoke it was not loud but it was heard. People gave her the time she needed to speak, it was the least anyone could do to say thank you for everything she had given them and the world around her. She had grown into her age with a grace that a few rare women truly do, though I suspect it was because she always gave her heart and it was her feelings that she cared to show the world. In the end, like all true beauty, it shone from within, through her soft brown eyes and in her smile wrinkles. There was no sharp side to her at all, not a single angle upon her. She was tall and big without losing her femeninity and as you would expect, possessed gossamer soft curves from shoulder to hip. Her clothes draped over her in the same way she draped herself across the sofa or covered the chair, lending a soft elegance to wherever she was.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015


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