It was the most extra-ordinary sight! All of the students would inevitably end up working with each other close to the walls of the vast dimensional chamber. They were encouraged by the guide to start in the middle and then, left to practice, they would eventually find their place close to one of the boundary walls. The guides watched them as they had for generations, this was not new and they would eventually begin to trust to the space, to the unknown and to void in the centre of the chamber. It was just a matter of time and positive encouragement as they were all gifted and perfectly capable, they simply had to learn to trust themselves and let go. It was rare for that to happen instantly although it was not unheard of. Each student had chosen themselves in this special place. They had, through a process of dreams, visions, accidents and fortune, found themselves at the Naar school. A school that did not advertise itself and yet, hidden on the snow bound flank of a mountain that looked like a pointed hat, on the Planet Hej, 1000 Astrums from the hub, always had a full compliment of students.

These students were no different, all had made their way here themselves and as they worked together to create the sparks that would attract the Djur, they were finding comfort in the boundaries, they were finding comfort close to the walls. The guide thought then of the old ships of Earth that would hug the coastline for fear of getting lost which was exactly what the space in the vast chamber was there for. He knew it would take time and then he saw one of the pair floating in the centre, working together as the ripples of the dimensional edges moved and flowed through and among them and then one by one, the djur began to appear.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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