“Did you know there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the earth?” She let this fact settle into the consciousness of the musicians around her. She could see a mixture of reactions in front of her, wonder, incomprehension, blank stares but mostly wonder. She waited a moment to let the fact sink in and then added, “There are also more molecules in 10 drops of water than stars in the universe!”

“Does that mean that smaller is actually bigger?” said the saxaphonist.

“Wait, isn’t there more nothing than something too?” the cellist interrupted.

“There isn’t anything anyway, its all vibrations and stuff, just waves and harmonies.” the lead violinist broke into an uncharacteristic cockney accent in her excitement.

The entire orchestra began talking at once, as if a dam had been unleashed. The violins spoke among each other, the brass turned and chatted with the woodwind and the percussionist at the back who was too far away to engage with anyone directly, was smiling broadly and added a barely perceptible bass roll on the timpani that washed below the hubbub.

She waited patiently for the right moment and then tapped her baton on the podium. The orchestra became silent, attentive and then with a flourish, she sliced the baton through the air in front of her opening the air like a pair of curtains being drawn apart and revealing the stars within.

“We are going there now.”

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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