The Experiment. Day 1

A few days ago I took a leap forward in time. I jumped forward in time by a single hour, it’s not much I know but it’s a start. The first thing I did was to see if there was another me around but I could not see another me anywhere so it was going well so far. I had heard the time travel paradoxes about killing yourself and deleting the current timeline and knew it was theorised only for jumping back in time but one could not be too sure. They were just theories after all and no one had ever really proven anything, still, it seemed safe enough and two of me were not running around occupying the same space as far as I could tell.

The jump forward had been done in deep sleep, it was a technique that I had learned from reading a book about the subject and involved extensive mind training and focus. I had developed the ability to sleep for exactly the amount of time I required which was normally 7 hours. If I wanted to wake up early with say 5 hours sleep or later with more, I could do so to the second, not a second more, not a second less. Over the past few years, I trained this ability to an uncanny degree and tested it extensively. When I re-introduced my alarm, I would normally wake up a few seconds before the alarm actually sounded, as if I knew the alarm was just about to be rung. There were exceptions but only when I had fallen asleep with something else on my mind or if I had drunk a little too much or trained very hard and the body or mind had demanded a bit more restful sleep than usual.

In any case, the training was over and it was time to experiment with time travel. I will not go into too much detail except to say that the fundamental techniques are the same as waking up at a specific time. If the reader cares to think about this in any great depth, either the unconscious mind somehow has an internal clock mechanism that exactly matches the one that we humans have devised over the years, where a second in man-made time exactly matches a second in internal time or there is some other explanation. I have studied this a great deal and find it difficult to believe that all human beings march to the rhythm of the same clock tick and more importantly, the spaces between. It was the ancient Egyptians who first divided the day into 12 equal parts on their sundials and humanity has somehow fallen into this time keeping methodology since then. Unchanged for thousands of years, 12 hours in a day and later 12 at night, 60 minutes in an hour and a further 60 seconds in a minute. The rest of the worlds counting system is decimal but not time, not really. I think this is amazing on its own but it’s not the counting of the seconds that really fascinated me or grabbed my imagination, it was the measurements of the spaces between each second. How was this determined? How was it kept and how was it kept accurately?

Today, a second is measured as the duration of 9192631770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom. That’s at absolute zero or near as dammit so that all other external influences are removed from the decaying caesium and for you readers out there, absolute zero is as cold as the universe gets. Now go back to the Egyptians, each one of their 12 hourly daytime blocks varied in length depending on the season, that means that time, or the spaces between each marked unit was variable and only by removing all other external influences, going as close to absolute zero, removing all energy, all life, by recreating as close as possible the ‘heat death’ of the universe, can time be measured as we laughingly describe as ‘accurately’.

Now let’s step out of the physics again because it’s too deep to stay too long and it gives me a headache, essentially it means that unless everything is the coldest it can be. i.e. No energy. i.e. dead, then the spaces between each second is actually completely variable. Faster or slower depending on the time of day, the place, the person, the wind in the willows and the butterfly over the lake? Whatever the observer is in the moment. Einstein explains all this in ways scientists can understand but me? I just believe that time varies and cannot be a solid dependable thing and what is truly amazing and frying my bacon about all this, is that when I sleep, I unerringly wake up a few seconds before my alarm every time.

That should not be possible right? Not with everything being so massively variable!

So how am I doing this time travel thing? I mean we can essentially throw the idea of regular dependable time out the window, our clocks are not really accurate so how in the name of Mike can my mind measure this time relative to my alarm clock and get it bang on every time?


I have a theory and it’s to do with something much bigger than time and space, a different field of connection, a field of connection that listens and talks and connects us as we and it, sees fit. It connects me to the alarm clock I happen to be using and it’s this field, force or energy that gives my mind a nudge every morning just before the alarm goes off. Even this is not the right way to think about it as there is no concept of time in the field so to speak. I get my desired levels of sleep and wake up when I wake up and when I do, it’s at the time that I wanted.

Ok, enough of the explanations suffice to say it’s to do with mind and discipline and of course training and yes it works. I’m here! In the future! You can try it yourself with the waking up bit but the time travel part? That part I’m keeping to myself for the time being at least, after all, it’s only been an hour.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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