The Experiment Day 1 II

The first thing I noticed after the check for duplicate me’s, was that everything felt exactly the same and tt was a bit disturbing to find that there was no difference at all, not even a feel other than my own sense that I had done so.  I got up and walked downstairs and though I don’t have a normal morning routine, once I am up, I do like a coffee; breakfast is optional.  It was so normal I was starting to doubt whether or not I had travelled forward in time at all and as all of the actual mechanics of time travel actually occur within the mind, it’s impossible to measure using traditional scientific equipment such as you might see in an old movie or as you dear reader are probably thinking, a clock!

That’s part of the beauty of time travel, its beautiful simplicity and it’s hideous complications.  No external mechanical aparatus is required, no machine, no buzzing Tesla coils and no mathematics although I suspect that there would be some equation that may describe the effect one day.  No, all that is required is the mind and that is of course, where the complications come in, we are talking about a human mind after all.  Not with me?  Ok, cast your own mind about dear reader to anyone you know and then answer this question, is that person free of fears, doubts, worries, stress, hangups, dreams and wishes, obsessions and of course, love?  I can go on but I hope you get the idea, there is no need to describe the huge list of mental phenomena that affect our clarity of thought and that! Is the complication.  There is another complication but that is more to do with funding, ridicule and isolation and a much smaller matter.  Most people I have spoken to so far have not taken me seriously and I can understand their reaction, after all I have been asking scientists western thinkers to understand a concept (now proven by me) that appears so far past, or maybe behind science, it may as well be called magic.  It’s dismissed as pseudo-science, anyone remember the Ghost Busters?  I’m that guy in the basement with no money.  Anyway, I can understand why it’s dismissed so easily, after all, I have actually travelled in time and now I was starting to have self doubts about the whole thing.  See!  Complications.

But luckily I was wise the ways of the mind and how it tries unerringly to wrong foot us in our moments of glory and I dismissed the self doubt wave that had rippled through me.  Time and space are not what everyone thinks they are, time is completely malleable and space, well space is exactly the opposite but I don’t want give too much away, you see the space part also seems to have a sense of humour about the whole thing.  If you think about it like dark matter, you are kind of in the right area, focus on the spaces.

This all happened a few days ago remember?  Back then, I put my shoes and jacket on and opened the front door and walked out into the world an hour into the future!  What a great day!  The birds were chirping in the hedge opposite my door and the spring sun was shining between patchy clouds racing overhead from a brisk breeze.  It was time to have some fun!  According to traditional timeline thinking, I could do no harm to past timelines beyond this point right now, but guess what my friends?  That is not strictly true, in fact as far as my research has shown so far, it’s completely wrong.  The past can be affected by this moment, like a distortion of a lens, we can affect the past time threads by what we do now and yes, we can travel to the past as well although that is an experiment for another day.  One thing at a time though, remember that field thing I was telling you about?  Thats what I intended to rely upon to affect my past.  Time to create a deja-vu experience!  Assuming it was not feeling capricious, time to remember something I had already done before!

Wow, that was amazing!  Haha!  That has to be the worlds first recorded self induced Deja-Vu, I have definately done this before!

This could get messy.


Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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