From the flames

It felt the embers that had embraced it completely, crack and then break.  Bit by bit they began to crumble as they burned themselves out and feeling this, it flexed itself for the first time in this lifetime.  As it began to explore itself and discover its new shape, the embers and coals fell to the smoking pit that had been the raging fire of its rebirth.  It could see the flames around it and it could sense the energy of the red heat pusling and radiating from the burning core of the wood and it breathed this energy in deep.  So strong, so immediate, so powerful!  At once it stretched to its own limits and broad bronze coloured wings majestically unfurled from the heart of the flames and with a mighty thrust, the creature launched itself into the air, leaving a trail of smoke and shimmering heat where it flew.

It had no immediate memory of it’s past existence but it was made of the same stuff, cleansed by fire, vibrant and fresh, it flew into the unknown future.


Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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