“Prior to the yield point, they deform elastically and will return to their original shape when the applied stress is removed. Once the yield point is passed, some fraction of the deformation will be permanent and non-reversible.”

“What happens if you keep applying stress?”

“You don’t really want to see the results but we call it buckling.”

“How have you managed to discover this without breaking…without buckling the…”

“There have been some mistakes its true.  There was a point where we all wanted to stop, we were too clumsy and our instruments and equipment was too crude.  They kept breaking and after some time it became hard to keep hope alive and as you know, many of the originals on the program left.  It was a bad time for us, for those that remember it at least.  Now, everything has changed, ever since Epert Mallik discovered the Innova field.”

“That’s what I have come to learn about.  Would it be possible to meet Mr Malik?”

“I should think so, he spends all his time with the test subjects now.  Its amazing how far they have come.”

“How is the applied stress controlled?”

“We have many teams working together, some create the finest instruments to detect the smallest changes, others to apply the stresses across the yield surface, which of course is multideminsional but the real key has been the Innova field.  In terms of stress though, just the right amount of pressure needs to be applied with perfect timing, enough to change the subject so they do not revert to their original shapes but not enough to buckle them and this has to be sustained over time.  But to access the Innova field requires that the subjects themselves partake of the process, in short they need to believe that they can change and thats where Epert Malik has helped so much.  He has shown them that it is possible and that their hopes are not wasted, that their dreams can be real.  We need more like him but it seems that he is one of a kind, a mutation or a miracle depending on your viewpoint.”

“Can the program help to create more Epert Maliks?”

“It’s not just a question of creating the same person and even if we could, the perfection of this breakthrough lies in the time and the space, the infinite series of events that went together to form the sum of his experiences, known and unknown and ultimately led to his moment of realisation within the project.  I…well, I don’t mind admitting, that I believe he arrived precisely when we needed him the most.”


Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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