Every now and then
there are reminders that all we have is only temporary,
that everything is flying by
that every relationship changes and then one day will die.

Every love is lost,
and every life will end,
and everything I ever dreamed
is nothing but a fleeting trend.

Its easy to feel sad knowing what is past the final page,
but look!  Right there!  I have written only sadness
and before I know it becomes a tragedy,
when there is also drama,
thrills and comedy.
There is action and of course,
Ahhh romance.

And the tears are drying on the page,
for today I love a future goddess!
And what I write today
creates the story that I am living,
the life that I am giving.
I hope that she will share with me for the greatest parts to come,
adventure, hope and challenge,
growth, success and fun.
a magical book that is just right,
a celebration of this gift of life.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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