Frontier 3: Peak Experience

The warrior shifted his shoulder armour into place and flexed his arm to settle it into its familiar position while the afternoon sun streamed through the grill of the door to the arena. The second warrior shifted nervously beside him, chained to the first by the ankle, trembling like a bird.

Nearby, the lead guitarist flexed his fingers and ran his hands up and down the maple neck of custom-made guitar, beside him, the singer cleared her throat nervously.

The urge to speak overcame the second warrior, after all this was it, this was the final moment, the moment before all would end and his death would be upon him and he so wished to live. He wanted to speak, he wanted someone to ask what to do and he was chained to the stranger beside him and he had no one else to ask. There was more, it was an overwhelming urge to be noticed in these final moments, especially by the one he walked toward death with, they were connected by the iron rung at their ankle and by the moment itself, connected by the spectacle to come. Their lives, so very very different had led them, two strangers, to this most intimate moment and he wanted to speak to his death companion.

Not far away, the lead singer wanted to speak, she had practiced over and over and had auditioned for years before suddenly being approached out of the blue to front the legendary rock band, Cannon and here she was, it was real!  She was waiting to walk out to face the crowd at the legendary arena and was stood next to the lead guitarist, a legendary musician that she thought she had known for years but did not really know at all.  She knew all the songs inside out but they had only rehearsed together a handful of times and now she was walking out to sing live in front of 50,000 people. They were connected by the sound system, the songs, the place and the moment itself. Their lives, so very very different had led them, two strangers, to this most intimate moment and she wanted to speak, to connect to him.

He wanted to ask, what he should do and would he be safe and that he looked like an accomplished warrior indeed and that he would follow orders so that they may both live this day but his mouth was dry and the sun shone directly into his eyes and he had trouble holding the gladius.

She wanted to ask what she should do and would she be ok? He was a legend and had done this a hundred times before and she wanted so much to be told what to do but she could barely speak, let alone sing and her hand trembled on the mike.

“My name is Wadai the Berber.”

“My real name is Charlotte Mcoy.”

The first warrior glanced at the man chained to him and nodded once then focussed front once more.

The guitarist glanced at the singer next to him, nodded and smiled then focussed to the arena entrance once again.

“We are about to die, why do you not speak your name?”

“I just thought you should know my real name before we go out there and I screw things up and ruin all of our lives.”

The first paused a moment and then spoke without turning. “I have no intention of dying this day Wadai. This moment is all, this is everything and I have been here many times before, I am letting go to the flow of everything so that my sword can dance and I may live.” Again a pause before: “I have been you and there have been many like you, should you survive this very first moment, you will no longer be Wadai as you are now, you will have entered the flow and once you have been there you will be changed forever. You are fearful because you have no skill, fear not Wadai and let yourself go.”

The guitarist paused and then spoke. “You won’t screw things up Charlotte, every superstar has had their first gig and this is it for you, the moment you wanted all along, just let yourself go and enjoy yourself out there, you will be great.” He paused and then: “I remember my first gig and it was like a dream, just go with it and enjoy yourself out there.”

“But how? I have no skill with the blade and no experience.”

“But how, I have never done this before!”

“Just do not give a shit.”

“Just don’t give a shit.”

The first warrior was silent again but had started shifting his weight lightly between his feet. The second was lost in thought, even in this final moment until the gate before them began to lift on clanking iron chains.

The guitarist was practising ghost runs on his axe as the lights went up and the intro music boomed.

“How? How? I want to live!”

“How? How? I don’t want to ruin my life!”

The first exploded to the left as the snarling lion lunged at him. Wadai watched this as if in a dream.

The lights streamed in and the band started running onto the stage to the sound of their signature song and Charlotte found herself running with them as if in a dream.

The skateboarder tipped off the ramp.
The public speaker welcomed them all.
The boy asked the girl on a date.
The motorcyclist crashed into the French car and flew through the air.
The soldier jumped into the sea and waded toward the beach under fire.
The astronaut felt his whole body rumble as the rockets ignited 300 feet below him.
The girl walked into the new school front gate.
The basketball player threw the ball for the championship as the countdown timer buzzed.
The poet read aloud his first poem to the small group before him.
The young man picked up the phone to sell his first advert.
The young woman walked onto the dance floor for the first time.
The Universe exploded from a single point.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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