The Experiment. Day 3

So dear reader, I am leaving this pamphlet with you because I intend to take a longer trip to see what happens when I leap forward a significantly longer distance in time.  I’m thinking of travelling forward in time 10 years.

I would imagine most of you would be thinking that after jumping forward an hour that I simply slept an extra hour and that if I go for 10 years, I will have physically aged when I wake up, remembering this is all done in sleep.  Another problem you dear reader may be wondering how I overcome, is that I may be woken up.  Will my body age at a normal rate while my mind simply shuts off and waits for 10 years to pass?  What happens to my body for 10 years?  No one will simply ignore the relatively healthy body of a middle aged man laying around for a decade, especially if there are bills to pay and birthday parties that keep getting ignored.

Conventional thinking folks!  Throw it away if you want to follow me into the future.

You see space itself is more about what is not there than what is there and what is there are more about ideas that we notice than anything else.  These ideas and things affect each other of course and the spaces just kind of connect everything together though its better to think about it as all the same thing.  OK enough now!  I’m off to the future.


Ok, where to start?  Firstly, I’m OK.  but I do have a story to tell you.  When I woke up, I followed the same routine as last time, down, coffee and so on.  It was like the house had come with me, bizarre but not unexpected.  What was unexpected was the front door getting kicked in by a team of armed military looking guys telling me to get down on the floor and put my hands behind my head.  I did exactly as I was told and kept calm, I needed to keep calm or any kind of travel would be impossible.

I tried talking to the military dudes but they just told me to shut up and dragged me out of the house in my underpants and threw me in the back of a truck with really loud music playing along with continually strobing lights.  It was a disco in the back though I knew it was to keep me from focussing or falling asleep.  I was anything but tired with a huge gun pointing at my head and I looked straight at the soldier for the entire trip.  He looked back at me for the entire trip which must have taken about an hour.  An hour from where I lived?  Where could I be?

The van shuddered to a halt and the guard stood up and indicated for me to so the same, the doors opened and I was hustled outside into what looked like an old British army barracks fallen into disarray.  It looked like the crappy set of a 1980’s Dr Who episode, the irony did not escape me.  Another van pulled up and the doors opened.  A woman with dark hair was led out and pushed toward where I was.  At least she had her clothes on, I was suddenly much more aware of standing around in my underwear.

We must have been stood there in silence with around 20 armed soldiers for a good couple of minutes with the only sound being my teeth chattering when a car drove into the yard, it was a grey Mercedes, some kind of new design I did not recognise but it looked flash without being cool, somehow bland.  Must be a best seller I thought.  The door opened and a man in smart nondescript dark blue suit stepped out of the car and walked toward us.  He looked at me in my underwear and then spoke to one of the guards.

“Find him something to wear.”

The guard ran off and then the man turned toward us.  He looked in his late fifties, early sixties and had a kind of disapproving look that made you feel as if you had displeased him somehow, arched eyebrows from years of having to look stern and a drawn face lacking humour.  His eyes were cold and hard.  This man was used to making decisions based upon facts and figures, strategy and probabilities probably concerning human life.  A cold heart?  Part of me was wondering what his love life was like but then he spoke and interrupted my mental hopping.

“10 years ago, you both did something impossible and changed the course of human history.  I am going to show you the world you have come to and then you are going to  help us change it back.”

I had a million questions, who was the woman next to me?  Has she done the same thing as me?  What had changed?  Was it worse or better and from who’s perspective?  Mostly I wanted to speak to the lady next to me and share ideas and concepts but that was clearly not going to happen just yet.  There was a huge humming drone, a motor of some sort and then beyond the old barracks, a gleaming silver metal shell slowly rose from behind the hill.  The air beneath it seemed agitated in some way like heat but different and it seemed to float majestically above the ground.  It must have been the size of a small warship and it was floating.  I realised that I was whooping and smiling uncontrollably at the sight, I was witnessing some sort of antigravity effect for real!  This was incredible!  I looked across at the woman laughing but she was simply staring with her mouth slightly open.

“Wooooo!”  I shouted,  I have never been very good at keeping my excitement under control and I figured that they were not going to kill me.  Whatever they wanted, they wanted me and this was me.

The man in the suit walked forward a step.

“They are the Eemen and they decided to take an interest in us 10 years ago.  They have been waiting for you two for a decade.  Come with me, it’s time to introduce you.”

Both of us followed him, we had to, it was inevitable.  Who would not want to right? and even if you didn’t then what were you going to do?  We were both time travellers, frontiers people, pushing the limits of what was possible, probable and imaginable, of course we wanted to go.


Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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