Shooting the Breeze

The Hermit – “What about Zarathustra?”

The Magician – “I would have shown him the inner secrets.”

The Hermit – “I wouldn’t.”

The Magician – “Why not?”

The Hermit – “Bit of a preacher.”

The Magician – “Better that he said it than not, at least he planted the seeds of thought and what a great opportunity to reach them!”

The Hermit – “Read between the lines, he was a proper fruitcake, imagine if we showed him the real lightning, what he would do with it.  You better hope that he has the same ideas about life as you right?  Yup, a real fruitcake and preaching to the crowd like that…”

The Magician – “Well so were you!”

The Hermit – “I don’t like crowds.”

The Magician – “A bit of a fruitcake, I mean.”

The Hermit – “Oh yes indeed.”


Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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