Icelandic Stance

The Hermit – “I’m taking the Icelandic view on that.”

The Magician – “What do you mean?”

The Hermit – “I went to Iceland and met a beautiful woman who told me in no uncertain terms that she thought my opinion on the music we were listening to was ignorant and she disagreed with me completely.”

The Magician – “What happened then?”

The Hermit – “Well that was the magic part, we just continued, she did not try and change my opinion and in fact, the next thing she said was that she enjoyed my company.”

The Magician – “That is pretty special.”

The Hermit – “I know, it was wonderfully liberating to have an opinion that was not necessarily agreed with but was not attacked and she did not defend hers either.  In fact, our conversation was all the richer!  I had a great time!”

The Magician – “You know, for a so called Hermit, you get around a bit.”


Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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