The Hermit – “So how did the spell go in the end?”

The Magician  – “It went well…for everyone!”

The Hermit – “That’s great news, well you are a magician so I’m not surprised.”

The Magician – “I am!  I did not think about it when I cast it but it went well, for EVERYONE!”

The Hermit – “What do you mean?”

The Magician – “Even those that would seek harm through immediate self gratification and live without a higher purpose, they too were empowered!”

The Hermit – “I see.  Are you disappointed?  Would you do it differently next time?”

The Magician – “I am my friend, there were some that simply add darkness and it troubles me that they were too empowered.  It should be used wisely and for the greater good.  I would do it differently.”

The Hermit – “But then you may not be here to tell me.”

The Magician – “I suppose that’s true.  They just pissed me off.”

The Hermit – “Ha.  I can’t believe you still get affected by all that stuff.”

The Magician – “Hiding in a cave and acting all pious to your distraught friends is no sort of life, I prefer to mix it up.”

The Hermit – “I never asked for visitors and you are spoiled becuase of who you know already…tea?”


Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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