The Witnessing

They had travelled to Earth for a witnessing and were very excited about the event. This witnessing event was proposed by Anaoeer the Crafter who had been studying Earth and found that the next Full Moon from their perspective was a once in a lifetime event. It would happen only once every 70 Earth years and so for most of the sentients who could appreciate this, it would only happen once in their lives. A beautiful moment as rare as birth and death!

It was this rarity that made it so special and it was these special moments that also saved the Oeen. You see the Oeen had evolved to such an extent that death, in the way that physical matter deteriorates and dies, was no longer a part of an Oeen’s existence and they could, if they so wished, live forever. They had not been able to prove that yet although some of the old ones had joked that they would indeed be the first to hold that record. So far in the evolutionary journey of the Oeen, there had been some of them that had so far existed for well over the lifetime of a sun, and it was these that were known as the old ones. They had slowed their thoughts down to such an extent that they were almost indistinguishable from the space-time around them, ultra slow thought waves that were so vast each one rolled out across entire galaxies before the next wave began. These were the deep thinkers, the harmony keepers, the time travellers and the dimensional explorers who could live entire lifetimes in what seemed like seconds in a neighbouring dimension and find that tens of thousands of years had passed in this one, their home. These Old Ones had also discovered the great moving energy. It was a pervasive energy that connected everything, even across dimensions and even across the great barrier that they had discovered that ran perpendicular to every dimension they had visited. This energy was everywhere, it was the very stuff of living and for want of a better description, they called it the great moving energy although some of the old ones of more questionable sanity called it the Yay. The Oeen could not die but without this energy, they would not be alive either and to the Oeen, this was the greatest danger and greatest fear. With an eternal life, came the risk of an eternal non-life. The old ones were special, the Yay never left them and they, it appeared, never left it. The Yay or Great Moving Energy was the greatest discovery that the Oeen had made in their long and beautiful evolution.

It also seemed that this energy could abandon its hosts and that it was a give and take relationship that required input from the Oeen and indeed all sentinent beings in the multitudinous dimensions. A happy marriage needed work and the Oeen had been working at it very hard indeed once they had transcended their physical selves. Without the physical that had a built-in impulse, a built-in sense of life vitality and finality that empowered the love of life and the great moving energy, they had to find it for themselves. They had to love life without the fear of death to motivate them, in other words, they had to work very hard at it! This was the reason that the Old Ones were so special, they had no need to attend witnessings or reminding ceremonies, the Old Ones and the great moving energy were as one.

To the average Oeen that had not made the decision to cease being or who had not evolved into an Old One, their love of existence was refreshed by experiencing the beauty of the universal dimensions all around them and this was done in informal witnessing and reminding ceremonies. These witnessing events were great parties that would honour the host and energise the guests and would last for as long as the moment existed, often it was the creative leap by an Oeen to see something from a different perspective that would lead to an almost infinate series of unique and singular events and each one was an opportunity to feed the great moving energy. Anaoeer the Crafter was inviting his guests to witness an event from the perspective of a sentient who would live a mere 70 Earth years!

The witnessing was a small one but beautiful nonetheless, Earth’s longest day that fell on June 20th 2016 or Monday 15 RamaDHaan 1437 A.H or Nanakshahi Harh 6, 548 and the many other names that the local sentients had given it, also co-incided with a full moon.

As the Oeen connected and experienced the event from their chosen sentients, they cried as they saw Earth’s beautiful moon gliding through the blue and purple clouds of the night sky, ringed with a gentle halo. It reminded them of the great stellar nurseries in the deep universe, a new born sun gently caressed as it travelled slowly through an indigo nebula.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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