The Lamp

Majid watched the two travellers as they arrived and walked through his prowl. Warriors, no doubt about it. He recognised warriors when he saw them, human or not, and decided to trail them. He had seen many come and go and even some stay in the bab taghzout prowl and for the most part they were the usual assortment of tourists, visitors and travellers but occasionally there would be one or two that would be different. It was instinct that told him these two were different, trained instinct but it was his spirit that whispered that they were warriors. As he had been taught long ago, it was the essence of the beings that counted not outside appearences and on the outside, they looked like any other visitors but all was not as it seemed. There was something about the way that they walked, the way that they casually observed the world around them, they were alert but confident in what must be a strange world to them.

He slunk through the shadows and up through the rooftops. His fur was black so he used the dark places as much as possible as he leapt and crept across the alleys, walls and gardens to the riad that they had entered. It was a good choice, this particular riad was a sanctuary in Marrakech for outsiders and the people there were trustworthy. The riad had been in his prowl guard’s watch since the first stories and Majid liked to spend time here when he was not on duty.

“The lamp is here somewhere my friend, I know it.”

“I’m thinking the souk.”

“It’s a millon to one chance so that has to be a good sign! Shall we get going?”

“Yes, but keep your eyes open, I have a feeling that we are being watched.”


“Yes, but it’s not a bad feeling.”

Majid smiled. He would follow these two, he felt there would be more to add to the great story before the end of this coming day.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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