The leathery old man squinted and then jabbed a finger into Luke’s chest.

“A good way to start is to find some role models. Anyone you admire! Who did you admire as a kid? Broadly speaking it probably wasn’t the weasley backstabbing characters like the evil vizier from Aladdin was it? Probably not some politician trying to win power and popularity. It wasn’t golum from Lord of the Rings and probably not the high school girl cliques or jocks that give such a hard time to the new kid. If you think back, it was probably more like the hero trying to win the love of his life or the explorer finding out what was beyond the black hole. Tarzan or Yuri Gagarin or Luke Skywalker or Emelia Earhart. It was probably Batman, General Maximus, Indiana Jones, Daly Thomson, or Crazy Horse.” The ancient looking man paused, “Choose someone you connected to from your childhood real or imagined. It’s why the greatest characters survive the test of time and why most heroes and heroines are people we can relate to. One of my heroes was Ensign Ewart of the Scots Greys, ever heard of him?”

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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