The Gamble

Dear Friends,
Once again, I find myself travelling and once again I have that wonderful sense of being on the move with plenty of time to think and create, time to simply watch the world.  I particularly enjoy traveling by train and flying because one can indulge in the art of observation and contemplation while still satisfying the souls need to be on the move in some way.

I am travelling once more to beautiful Copenhagen where I shall be meeting the mysterious lady calling herself Fru Hyggeligt, which really has no direct translation one to one in English but literally translated means "Mrs Cozy".  Anyone who met her would realise just how far off the mark that translation is as she is one of the empowered and takes great delight in bringing a sense of balance to what you may call, the quintessence.  In practical terms, to deal with her means that you are in for some change and you never know which side you will be on each time.  Her goal is the balance of greater forces than most of us will never be more than momentarily aware of, so she is a mystery.  You may call her a wizard I suppose although she prefers the term, witch.  In any case, once you begin to deal with her, you will never know the outcome and even if it is in your favour, it will never be in the way you expect.

I like her.  I have met her a few times on the periphery of things but never in any kind of business sense so I have merely been an observer of the way she works and the forces that seem to ebb and flow around her and her spheres of influence.  Magical, mysterious, alluring and frightening all at once!

So the question you are no doubt asking is why am I flying to see her?  

I saw a program once about a man who had made so many mistakes that he saw only one way out of his predicament, he sold his house in England and flew to Las Vegas and then after downing the most expensive whiskey money could buy, gambled his entire worldly wealth on the spin of a wheel.  The man won and the gamble paid off.  Well, I am in a similar situation although the stakes are less to do with finances and much more to do with the intangible.  Lets say its a debt to someone long dead and there is no way I can pay it unless I get some heavyweight help.  The stakes?  The stakes are the highest anyone can gamble with, the stake is my very own life's worth.  She will know how to measure such things being who she is, and also what that may be worth.

In any case, I am on my way and resolved and shall meet her later today and I am hoping that she likes my company as much as I enjoy hers and that it counts for something in the big scheme of things.  I shall write again when time and circumstances allow. I hope you are all well back home and please send my love to the others.

I remain as always, your friend,


Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016

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