The Fall

[ Newark Factory, New Jersey, America ]
[ 1893 : There and Then ]

[ Harry Lovat ]
It ground and squealed under the wrenching motion,
at last,
it pulled free!
With a great gout of oil
and the hiss of pneumatic steam,
the bronze arm came off clean.

Archie surely feels no pain,
but must feel the loss!
With inhuman strength
but a strangely human cry,
Archie pneumatically drives his remaining fist
into my dragon’s eye.

The scream and flame gouts,
and now ablaze,
Archie’s warship spirals out.
I leap off, landing clean,
face to face with Archie.
Man to machine.

‘We have unfinished business you and I.’

[ Archie ]
‘What is your place in this Mr Lovat?
You are nothing but a minor part,
and now your part is played
you should depart.’

[ Harry Lovat ]
‘A small role maybe
but before this stage I leave,
I will shut you down
and no one will be grieved.
You feel nothing real.
Do you feel the loss of Gatsby?
Have you a broken heart to heal?
You sent him out as bait,
and left him to his fate!’

[ Archie ]
‘You are wrong Lovat!
You will see.
Now come,
let us finish this,
just you and me.’


Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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