The Wheel

There is a wheel that turns eternal,

and when it touches on the earth,

it picks up and turns with it,

the stuff we are at birth.


Etra-ordinary matter

that turns upon the wheel,

transformed upon the journey

through new worlds and ordeals.


We shake free our extra mass,

as the great wheel turns.

We lose what is uneeded

as we travel, as we learn.


We are called to great adventure,

a journey of within.

We will meet our mentors

and cross the threshold to begin.


At last we reach the zenith,

and new worlds can be seen,

many wheels connected,

in a mystical machine.


I make this promise to you,

I leave the dirt and mud,

I will live this year with hope and love

and pledge it with my blood.


And though the wheel rotates again

and I am human too,

I am much more than that as well

and so are all of you.



Copyright Faramond Frie © 2016


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