Four Friends

paris-sacre-coeurFrom the balcony they could see the feet of the Eiffel Tower and the base of the Basilica De Sacre Coeur. They were perfectly positioned for the event and when it happened, it happened like all the most important moments, in a small and intimate way.  There were no explosions of colour, no loud music or fireworks, just a glass of wine and a shared moment.

The four friends held hands and rejoiced that they were here and they were now.

“To absent friends.”

“To absent friends and bon anèe!”

All of them had made silent vows in that moment, a promise to themselves, to others and to the greater world around them of which they were a part, like a huge fabric woven of music.

If one could traverse such a fabric, one might see the impossibility of an infintite number of chord and note combinations, perhaps as colours and patterns that were ever shifting.  As one moved across the surface of such a fabric, if it were possible to regard this marvelous cloth from a higher vantage point, one might see patterns that one found harmonious and beautiful.  Patterns, colours and music that a higher being, such as we would have to be, may find pleasing to regard and perhaps one would hover closer to these moments, these areas, these places, enjoying them in much the same way as one might linger in a summer glade.


Copyright Faramond Frie © 2017

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