Tewkesbury Medieval Re-enacters Cross a Dimensional Portal

Something strange has already happened at the 2017 Tewkesbury Medieval Festival in 2 weeks. A group of dedicated re-enacters are given the opportunity to travel anywhere in the multiverse by Miss Anne Thrope, a master of the space time continuum who one of them happens to be acquainted with. If you want to know more, contact, Jhedron Luckspar who knows the ins and outs of this strange episode. He will be at the festival, signing his books, which most people regard as science fiction but are in fact deeply interconnected with real events and real people. You could not make it up if you tried.

Goden crossing the portal.

The festival takes place on the 8th/9th July 2017 in Tewksbury and is Europes largest annual medieval re-enactment event. I will be helping Jhedron with a selection of artwork created on the day as well as prints of previous works.

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