Why on earth would anyone not be on the social net?

New Earth Council Building. U.N. H.Q. Brussels. 2029.

‘Veronika is on her way director.’

‘Good, she was a bugger to find. Why on earth would anyone not be on the social net?’

‘Her work papers explain her thoughts on that quite succinctly director.’

‘Yes, I read them, she really does believe that we are in some kind of dystopian future and her work dovetails into this. Her research into random events and intention is quite extra-ordinary.’

‘She is living to her principles and according to the only social outlet she indulges, her blog, her belief and the root of all her research, is that the last great frontier of the mind holds its power in its unique ability to connect with insight and intuition and affect the outcome of seemingly random events. This last great frontier needs to have an edge in the wild, the frontier if you like, and big scale social media actually destroys that edge. It polarises like nothing has ever done before, causing once fluid minds into a single calcified space and equally as powerful, it creates a place to lose oneself to the banal if one is not careful. In short, she believes that it kills the power of the minds all-powerful intention.’

‘Do you believe any of this Mark?’

‘I have seen the time-gate work director, so the gates of my belief are wide open. Veronika’s intention, that she holds to, is that there are more powerful ways to connect. Her argument is that it’s a little like binge watching TV, it kills the imagination or like every labour-saving device ever invented, they slowly kill the muscles involved. She believes that social media kills natural connectedness, unless you are strong enough to use it wisely.’

‘Well that means she is saying she is not strong enough?’

‘I think she is saying that director. She does not keep any alcohol in the house as she openly admits she will drink it if it’s there. She has no TV for the same reason and has her food ordered specifically. “Out of sight, out of mind.” she quotes.’

‘Well, I am looking forward to meeting her, she sounds very special indeed.’

‘All of them are director.’


Copyright Faramond Frie © 2017