The Three Brothers

Once upon a time there were three brothers.

The first and oldest learned through experience. He rarely listened to the advice of his father and rushed headlong into things, often in an attempt to get away from his fathers constant attempts to control him. He left home early and travelled far, gathering many stories and scars. He got his wish and was the equal of his father having taken the same time to reach the same place independently.

The second brother did not learn life as he had no need. He listened to the advice of his father and adopted a pragmatic and sensible view of the world and he was of course his fathers favourite because he listened to his fathers advice. He only left home when it was safe to do so and when he did, he did not go far. He got his wish and was the equal of his father for he applied the lessons that his father had learned and in this way gained the benefits of his fathers hard earned experience.

The youngest brother grew up watching both his older brothers and learned through observation. He observed the pain of total freedom and the benefits of conformity and chose the middle way. He travelled a little and he listened a little but in the middle he daydreamed and thus travelled far beyond the borders that his eldest brother had ever reached and with wealth that his second sibling would be envious of. His lands where the lands of ‘what if’ and the realms of kings and queens, knights and beggers, heroes, saviours and demons. It was in this way, that he surpassed both his brothers and his father for he had the learned that he had the potential to be anything he wanted.

On their fathers deathbed, he spoke to them all individually.

To the eldest he said. “You remind me of me when I was your age.”

To the second he said. “You remind me of me now.”

To the youngest he said. “You should be more like your brothers.”

The end.


Copyright Faramond Frie © 2018