Bob the dot

Special Sciences Unit, Building 12, LHD Complex, Cern. Switzerland. June. 2029.


‘So how exactly does it work?’

‘The field creates a bubble in spacetime that seems to be held static within the superficies of the dimensional lattice. The dimensions are ever moving, shifting and rippling like great universal waves that cross each other, glide over each other, intersect and so on. Where they cross, there is a boundary event that we are even now, only beginning to understand but these boundaries allow the possibility of travel between dimensions.’

‘I’m not sure I follow, Dr Chang. You say this is a time travel theory? How does that work with regard to dimensional field theory?’

‘Sorry Mr LeClerc, I spend so much time among people involved at the hard edge of this discovery that it can seem that we sometimes speak a completely alien language. As you are familiar with dimensional field theory you may grasp the concept of the dimension of time in the same way. Imagine we could look at a universe in which there are only 2 dimensions and let us say for example that that universe existed entirely on a single A4 piece of paper.’


‘Just so Mr LeClerc, and so we, as 3 dimensional beings can view the goings on in that universe from a higher plane of existence so to speak. Now let us put a dot in the middle of the paper and give the dot life, voila! As you say in France. This dot, let us call him Bob, is quite happy in his own universe, then we draw a circle round Bob and he is none the wiser, it is only when he travels over that circle, crosses the line of the circle’s arc, that he is aware of the change, his universe is no longer white, it is black, the colour of our pen.’

‘And he would never know it was a circle?’

‘Indeed not, his awareness extends only to 2 dimensions. We however, can see Bob the dot and also that the line that surrounds him is in fact a circle, we can also see the futility of Bob as he follows this neverending line wondering where it is heading without knowing that it is in fact an eternal circle.’

‘Is there a way Bob can see he’s in a circle?’

‘I believe so Mr LeClerc.’


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