The Three Brothers II

Once upon a time there were three brothers.

As far as their stories go, they were often compared with their father but the truth was very different. In reality all the members of the family were equals in that they had all been given the gift of life and the only thing that separated them was that they had very different stories.

Their fathers story was unique however, you see he was born with a special talent that is so rare that it may only be realised in one or two individuals in a generation among all the people in the world. With his gift, he could see the strange ethereal potential of anyone he spent time with. In his eldest son, he saw the potential to survive and learn and endure hardships that others could not and with subtlety and skill, he encouraged him to go out into the world and in this way, his eldest son gathered stories, scars and adventures and lived a full life.  In his second son, he saw a gentle spirit who’s strength was the strength of the home and heart and knowing that he could not survive well out in the world, he encouraged him to build a home and in this way his second son lived a great and fulfilled life. In his youngest son, he saw a dreamer who could change the fabric of world when he slept and so, gave him the space to dream and this youngest son had the lives of both his brothers as he dreamed.

The talent was one thing, learning how to use it was another and these three brother’s father had spent a lifetime learning how to use it and on the way, had saved the lives of many, rescued princesses, killed evil dragons and sailed the 7 seas in search of its sacred mysteries. All his gifts he had passed on except his special talent which was just part of the lottery of life. His sons never knew any of this and they did not need to but it did make him laugh every now and then.

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