A Moment Alone

[ The Rose Garden – South London Late 1800’s ]

What about Love?

I used to think a warrior has no time for love.
Too busy sculpting the body mind and spirit,
in equal balance with the earth below and heaven above.

But how can this be true? Warriors are human too.
Desire and conscience dance in heart and mind,
Pinnochio’s story is also mine.
And when finally free
to simply be, the human is still part of me.
It’s funny now to think, that all my training
free’d me to kill or dance or drink wonderful tea.
But it was also opening the door,
to a greater love beyond desire and friendship,
beyond the calm of peace and heat of war.

I have a choice to first do no harm,
how will I know?
My conscience tells me so.
It knows all for it is the same power that guides my hand
on silver spear,
when before my enemies I stand.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015