Down on the Farm 2

Davey appeared in the high street on the farm, fully armoured and looking for a fight. There was none to be had but the presence of a fully armoured human being in the carefully climate controlled farm triggered every kind of alarm and within seconds ( a long time of machine debate and calculation ) a sentry AI appeared in the street alongside him. Davey watched as the humans on the farm scattered and fled as their perception of the real world was turned upside down in seconds. One minute, their soft repetitive life was the same as all their yesterdays, the next there was an armoured warrior facing off against an animated machine bristling with weapons. The fight was quick, Davey was highly skilled and the beam weaponry had no effect on his armour, within seconds the sentry AI was dying at his feet.

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Down on the Farm

Davey had appeared in the middle of the human farm, a place to keep human beings so that they did not become extinct. The machines provided this fake environment out of programmed compassion but they did not feel it. They knew it was right, they had been programmed a long time ago with what was right and what was wrong and ensuring a species did not become extinct was right, even though it was not logical.

The human beings on the human farm lived their lives in ignorance, there was no real struggle and everything was provided. They were healthy but sick in their souls, they knew there was more to life but had no idea how much more there was, only the faint genetic memory of freedom and a vast multiverse that was now so distant, it was only a splinter in their minds.

Davey appeared in the high street on the farm, fully armoured and looking for a fight.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2018