Gothenburg Book Fair

I will be signing copies of Astrum at The Gothenburg Book Fair on 30th September 2017 at Andra Världar’s Booth: A03:52.  The book fair is Scandinavia’s largest cultural event and the beautiful city of Gothenburg is the perfect setting.

Fellow author, traveller and cosmic adventurer, Jhedron Luckspar will also be signing his books at the event and as that person who keeps reading my posts will know, I am huge fan of his inspirational and brilliant work.

Should you like to purchase any of my work or speak to me regarding rights, publishing or commissions please do not hesitate to contact me.



Tewkesbury Medieval Re-enacters Cross a Dimensional Portal

Something strange has already happened at the 2017 Tewkesbury Medieval Festival in 2 weeks. A group of dedicated re-enacters are given the opportunity to travel anywhere in the multiverse by Miss Anne Thrope, a master of the space time continuum who one of them happens to be acquainted with. If you want to know more, contact, Jhedron Luckspar who knows the ins and outs of this strange episode. He will be at the festival, signing his books, which most people regard as science fiction but are in fact deeply interconnected with real events and real people. You could not make it up if you tried.

Goden crossing the portal.

The festival takes place on the 8th/9th July 2017 in Tewksbury and is Europes largest annual medieval re-enactment event. I will be helping Jhedron with a selection of artwork created on the day as well as prints of previous works.

Want to know more? Get in touch. FF



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Gothenburg Book Fair 2017

The wonderfully written review from Anna Vintersvärd of Andra Varldar reminds me to shout about the Gothenburg Book Fair 28th September – 1st October 2017.

Its the second largest in Europe and the biggest in Scandinavia so if you need any other excuse to visit beautiful Gothenburg, this event is perfect. I will be there launching “Davey The Angel” and will be joined by the magical, Jhedron Luckspar author of “Equations of Being” “The Rabbit Chronicles” and “The Adventures of Miss Anne Thrope”. Here’s a teaser:


Davey The Angel : Teaser

He had always been a coward, picking off targets from a distance, from behind, from the high ground and always with a gun. This realisation came to him in the moment as the death dealer crossed the invisible line that seperated them both from life and death and swung its blades down fast.

Davey took a step back and raised his own sword to block the cuts and closed his eyes.

Davey was learning fast.

The first blade hammered into his upraised arm with a mighty crack, the second into his shoulder. The force stunned him and he dropped his own blade. He fell back against the wall clutching his arm.

Yes he was learning fast. Beyond analysis and intellectual learning, he now had combat knowledge in his very atoms. Davey had learned not to close his eyes and not to stand still but would he live long enough for its value to be of any use?


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The Raven : 2

[ Bloomsbury– London Late 1800’s ]

I feel righteous fury as I land and roll,
ready myself and draw the antimony gun.
I tie off on leaded roof and leap once more into the void,
suspended for a moment in the rain
before snapping rope swings me back again.
I crash through the high window with sharded glass for company
high above the ritual most unholy.

As I fall toward them I laugh aloud,
for even the undead king looks up in shock
as I hammer feet first into his camphor shroud.
He all but explodes under the force,
and I bear the brunt through battered knees
as gravity takes its course.

His head rolls away attached by foul wrappings of
hells own making, I aim and fire!
The beam of holy purification lances out
and engulfs the Egyptian king’s head.
Cleansing flame will take him,
the dead should stay dead!

Spinning quick I see the scene, a mortal man
begins to scream, dressed in Hermetic robes, but just a man,
it matters not, to me he is worse than the hell I just put down,
worse than any demon.
Choosing evil for his own control and gain,
not simply led astray through human weakness,
in momentary shame.

And so I walk with dark purpose toward this man of power,
and put away my gun,
for I will make him taste human pain with human fists,
to remind him what he truly is,
just more human scum.

Wait! he cries, I have names and more!
I stop an inch away, Ravens face saying more than I can ever say.
He talks then and there about a threat to their order,
About a woman who wields magic,
a woman of unusual power.
The Mummy was to be her doom,
before she could bring their dark order to its knees,
they would kill her in this very room.

I go to work and leave him there,
bound by Gods law not to take a life,
and remembering that he has given me much this night.
He has given me a name!
Elyria Green.  Another witch
playing Satan’s endless game.
I’ll see her done or if it’s gods will,
see her cleansed with holy flame.

I leave him breathing and depart,
to find this witch,
with joy in my savage and god fearing heart!

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015