English Editing for Swedish Authors

English is a very popular language for Swedish authors. A lot of Swedes love to write in English and don’t so much need a fully blown translator but rather an english editor who is familiar with Swedish. I travel to Sweden regularly and have many contacts in the Swedish publishing world and as well as being an author, I understand many of the subtle variations between Swedish and English and love both languages.


Whats wrong with this sentence?

“John got the reputation of not being someone to mess with.”

It was written by a Swede with great English skills but the language and the culture is different and so there are some are common errors when writing. In this case “got” should be “had”, “had gotten” or “had acquired” depending on context:

“John had the reputation of not being someone to mess with.”

For non English speakers, Swedes have the best English language anywhere in the world in my opinion, and even better than some Brits but there are still some common errors that no algorithm can pick up and then there are also the cultural differences that anyone outside of Sweden would not understand. For example:

“A nice man with a Newgate fringe.”

Most Swedes would know that this means a visit to the psychiatrist, the english equivalent would be:

“A nice man in a white coat.”


I provide editing services for Swedish writers who write in English and can be contacted in the usual way. Please send me an introductory email with an idea of the sort of script you would like editing, for example a fantasy novella, a science-fiction short story or a technical manual and also the number of words. Charges are dependant on the time it takes and whether or not there is much research to do and are agreed prior to the work undertaken.