Down on the Farm 2

Davey appeared in the high street on the farm, fully armoured and looking for a fight. There was none to be had but the presence of a fully armoured human being in the carefully climate controlled farm triggered every kind of alarm and within seconds ( a long time of machine debate and calculation ) a sentry AI appeared in the street alongside him. Davey watched as the humans on the farm scattered and fled as their perception of the real world was turned upside down in seconds. One minute, their soft repetitive life was the same as all their yesterdays, the next there was an armoured warrior facing off against an animated machine bristling with weapons. The fight was quick, Davey was highly skilled and the beam weaponry had no effect on his armour, within seconds the sentry AI was dying at his feet.

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The Verse

The Verse, multiple dimensions, multiple time lines, multiple realities, and for multiple, read infinite. That’s a lot of possibilities and quite mind blowing for most beings who are content to exist in their little corner of what reality means to them. They have no interest in anything outside of their universe, uni…meaning one, because they have bills to pay, places to be, entertainment to consume, people to try and sleep with, birthday’s to organise, business to win and whatever else keeps them busy where they are.

For some though, a rare minority of mostly weird individuals though occasionally entire species, a single universe is not enough. These rare minorities have discovered through technology, through spirituality, through accident, guidance or simply being aware at birth, that there are in fact multiple every-things and that it is quite possible, with the right technology, spiritual atunement, natural gifts or the right friends, to cross between them all.

Some say that the Verse always was, always will be and always is, others say it was created by a Sci-Fi writer from Earth in the early 21st Century ( not me ) who was letting the creative spirit live through his pen and in the process, created everything. No one really knows the answers, even the weirdest of weirdos in the Verse but one thing is for sure, this particular story takes place within the Verse and this story is true. All realities are open, all times are available and all universes accessible and all of them have more in common than one might imagine, given an infinite variety of realities.

That means, everything that is being experienced right now, can change, if you have those friends, gifts or tech.


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