The Abomination

[ Long Island New York State – 1875 ]

How will it go?  These two men are brilliant in their fields,
bringing them together now may change everything the future yields.
But I must do something or all is lost,
I must do something or lose all I have and bear the cost.
When the tribe went to the moon it was in Harvey Westing’s ships,
my genius engineer
who found a way to swim through the aether,
and for the sake of peace will not relinquish his design
but works, inspired still, on great engines and machines
to make the future mine.

His harvester has made me rich,
his tunnelling engine is complete,
and with each invention
greater feats than man had ever dreamed.
My empire grows with every piston,
pin, and every blast of steam.
Andrew Keystone’s business empire, the greatest in these states,
Aye, and maybe now the world itself while Her Majesty’s Empire must eventually fall,
mine must grow in order to save the world.
If man is to have any future at all.

But Harvey is not alone in genius it seems,
From Birmingham, Steven Gatsby brings his thought machine.
I need Westing’s mind to peer into its craft,
and reveal its secrets, reveal its art, but Westing has already said
that no machine should think for itself.
Against God’s will!
I will examine it, he said,
if only to discover whats inside young Gatsby’s head.
And when the time comes,
make a weapon that can destroy it,
for such a machine can only start
a future where Man plays no part.
And so tomorrow these two minds dance,
I will not leave the future of my empire and indeed the world
to chance!

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015

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