The Adventurer

The Adventurer
[ New York State Late 1800’s]

At last, back on the ground and on the job!
It does not do to dwell too long,
on past chapters.
Move forward and move forward strong.
In the midst of action is where I feel at home,
where I belong.

I rest against the tree watching Westings Lab from afar.
My goggles enhance the light and erase the distance,
Nothing in or out, no man, no horse no walking cars.
To come all this way to wait for Westing to appear,
To come all this way to simply wait and watch.
Keystone was specific over lunch washed down with finest scotch.
Follow him and get his design
for swimming through the Aether,
for that young man I’ll pay you well and more,
you help push man’s evolution further.

Westing is a man of honour, the whole world knows this fact.
He saved the native tribes of America,
from the New Worlds bloodiest acts.
To some he is a hero, to others a traitor vile,
to me he is the job at hand,
but I like this man and will watch him for a while.

But I feel the brooding still bubbling deep below,
and simply feel and simply know,
that I must act or lose myself in morosity again
and that i will not do.
I will push forward and see what comes from action,
what comes from pushing through.

I smile wide and prepare with strong resolve,
sprinting with well trained body to
distant lab,
avoiding light and open space
to stand flush on outer wall.
This legendary place, The Westing Lab.
What will I see inside?
Westing’s flying machines I wonder?
Only one way to tell.
Into the darkness yonder.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015

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