The Ambush

[ Westing’s Lab – Long Island Late 1800’s ]

Justine, I could use your help today.
I’m bleeding here and chained.
I’m not in a good way.

How did they get the jump on me?
Almost impossible really,
complacency, arrogance? My mind
bent on distant thoughts?
I was focussed I was calm and had
my will to task at hand.
Scout Westing’s Lab and see where the genius stands.

But I am not dead,
just bashed about and dazed,
they must want me alive when all is done
and all is said.
Justine! Come and find me if you can,
it won’t be long before whoever ambushed me
reveals themselves and I reveal Keystone’s plan.

The door! This is it!
Stay strong and last as long as you can Harry.
My god, he’s big! A native American!
Give him something, anything.
Buy time for Justine to find you again.

[Enter Bear]

You there! Talk and quick! I will not waste words on you.
Why are you here?
and what brings you?

I needed to borrow a cup of sugar old chap.
Now if you don’t mind,
you interrupted my nap.

This is no game! What do you want from Westing?
Your last chance before you lose your life,
and Wakened Bear walks away with bloodied knife!

[Enter Westing]

He wants the plans to my Aether Flyers, that much is obvious.
Thats what they all want.
But no matter how much they stalk and spy,
we will not kill them, Wakened Bear,
we will not cross that final line
I will, good Sir, know why.
Now tell me as one gentleman to another,
who do you work for and why?

Westing and Bear, playing hard and soft,
but I trust my instincts and decide to tell,
I have been caught square and I believe Westing will treat me well.

Keystone is behind me, a man as you should know.
He does indeed want the flyers,
and despatched me to bring those plans to him,
and take them before you go.
Now I have never been caught before,
have never been disarmed.
Tell me how you did it, professional courtesy demands.

Westing smiles and nods at Bear who unlocks my arms bound tight,
then steps back and with a sigh,
vanishes from sight.
The Aether has many properties once you begin to feel its way,
and if you bend it slightly, the eye cannot focus, cannot stay.
Beyond that I will not say.
Now, up you get young man and have a cup of tea,
and know with any trouble, Bear will throw away the key.
Now come walk with me,
and I will show you what you came to see.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015

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