The Dance

[ Long Island New York State – 1875 ]

I will not have it! A thinking machine!
if indeed it even thinks!
What devils are you in League with sir?
This engine grinds against the soul,
against Heavens will,
and the Almighty’s greater goal!

Oh Sir, I have heard so much of the great Westing,
his breakthroughs and integrity.
To swim the Aether to the moon no less,
to break through convention and dare with all your soul.
With all of history telling you that man was never meant to fly,
was never meant to cross the stars,
let alone to cross the skies.
I cannot fathom why such a mind as great as yours,
is so constrained by religion’s stifling laws.
God gave us all free will the bible says,
and this offends it seems but why?
I have chosen a different way to break the mould,
to use almighty steam to power into the great unknown,
where new dangers and new wonders will be shown.

Bah! You will not listen man,
your eternal soul is cursed I say.
Man is paramount under heaven and free will is indeed the key,
and should you have your way,
we give that will to some mechanical servant without a soul.
Without a conscience!
Without heavens lofty aims to strive for.
Without fear of damnation, the highest price, the highest toll.
Keystone! If you take on this man,
I have no choice but to leave your employ and find another mentor.
If you take on this man,
I have said my final word.
That is where I stand!

Leave then Westing, leave and I will stay.
My thinking machine will live and grow under Keystones wing,
and if this single dream comes true,
then anything we dream can be made reality too.
The Moon will seem like the achievement of a child,
we will reach further than that and fear no Lunar tribe.
For while you guard your aether swimming ships design,
my thinking engine will make short work of your plan and make them mine.
And you Keystone, will you provide the backing to my thinking machine?
Your name will soon be on everything!
Go Westing, your time is done,
and mine has just begun!

Very well, if this is indeed your will Keystone?
You remain quiet in the corner all this time,
no word from you for Gatsby’s plan or mine.
I tell you this in God’s good name sir,
this is beyond mere riches,
the price is your eternal soul.
And still you remain silent? speak now or I will leave.
Very well, our partnership is dead and done,
but know that when I leave,
I will stop Gatsby’s engine before it has begun!

[ Exit Westing ]

And so it seems Gatsby, you have your chance!
Do not waste it Sir,
for I have sent away a man I hold most dear so that your idea may advance.
Know I made my choice for mankind’s greater good.
Any man of vision would have done the same,
if here like me they stood.
But I will have Westing followed and ensure the future of your plan.
And I know just the man.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015

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