[ Glastonbury – Somerset Mid 1800’s ]

She saw them in her dreams, wyrms on mighty wings.
On aether wings they flew and breathing flame before them.
From the moon and ridden by the tribe,
a terrible flight come to Earth.
Come for vengeance,
come to claim
the home of their Fathers birth.

The dreams never left her and one was stronger,
vivid and clear.
She faced the creature one on one, alone with silver spear.
And her dream never finished and what she dreamed came true
and in her dream she was a warrior born,
so she trained
and practiced with hand and spear,
till warrior she was,
and to womanhood she grew.

Helen gave her silver spear,
bade her watch Elyria Green.
Bid her watch and help her grow free of pain and fear.
And when the moment came at last,
to fight and stand steadfast.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015