The Meeting

[ The Rose Garden – South London Late 1800’s ]

There she is!
I heft my silver spear
and vow to keep her near.

You there! You with the spear,
are you following me?

Shit, subtlety has never been my strongest asset!
I come clean and walk into her light,
I’m… yes I am!
My name is Nuala and I will fight,
and keep you safe from harm,
keep you free from danger.
Do not be alarmed, it is my duty,
given to me by the graceful Helen.
And now, no secrets anymore. I stand by your side
until the fateful hour of the coming war.

Stay with me then Nuala for I will
try and make a bridge of love,
between those below
and those above. Helen gives me duty too,
though she did not tell me much of you.

There is little to tell Elyria green
and build all you might,
mankinds nature is to war and strife
and those who walk the path of love,
often walk it protected by a loving knife.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015