The Tribe

[ Sea of Tranquility – The Moon Late 1800’s ]

It is said among our people that the thunder beings watched us leave
and gave us to the care of the star people.

It is said that the star people watch us now and that the sacred places here
are connected to the places of our birth.

Leaping Crow of the Chakhatee speaks of them and tells us they are near,
that though the stars lay between us and the land of our birth
there is no real seperation,
that the Moon is one with the Earth.

I am First Moon Born of the Chakhatee and I have never seen
the land of our forefathers.

It hangs blue and green and beautiful in our skies,
forever reminding us of our ancestors.

The people have settled here, grown strong in the ways of the spirit.
The Khree lizards welcomed us, as one we are free to roam.
They are strong and wise, as are we.
We share and call this place our home.

The Khree fly on Aether wings,
breathing flame and taking to the void.
Of old they speak of visiting home world,
when the prophesy is fulfilled and our peace is taken and destroyed.

I wait with Kalamthror the Khree,
brother bonded I and he.
Together we look accross the gulf to the world of blue and green,
and my fist tightens round the Aether spear I hold
for I will fly with Kalamthror and will be strong and will be bold.

I am First Moon Born of the Chakhatee
and I will step upon the world of my ancestors.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015

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