The Whiskey

[ Warm Doors – Oxfordshire Late 1800’s ]

I did not even notice, it was she that noticed me,
drawn to my voice, my presence she said.
She hoped she would sit near and I would see.
And she did but still I did not notice,
she worked hard to gain my attention, interrupting me.
I distracted by other beautiful diversions.

At first I found her sharp, intruding in my world
but she succeeded in her aims and I saw her at last,
this wild and well presented girl.
She offered me a whisky that she could scarcely afford.
I only found out later how little she had to her,
A survivor though and a beauty in her exquisite respirator.

And from that moment to this very last,
a whirlwind romance across time and space.
Harry Lovat’s heart captured by a daring adventurer
all my friends had said and to my face,
for they were good friends indeed and have saved me many times
and would again no doubt when again I fall from grace.
But here I sit, alone without lady, without mission
floating with another whiskey
full of doubt in this intermission.

I need a direction, an adventure
a mystery of the heart or soul.
Or maybe a good old fashioned dust up
before melancholy takes it’s toll.
My sword cane is by my side and years of training
and experience
express themselves with beauty
when I dance.
Its just a matter of time.
But until then I need to get that damn woman out of my head
she fills my thoughts just as she did my bed.

If she were dead this would be easier to bear
but the pain of loss is so keen
does she now have someone else over there?
A thousand miles and only a thought away.
But get a damn grip Harry, when you were with her
you wanted freedom anyway.
Caring for her was too much of a liability,
too unstable and a very loose sense of morality.
But easy to say and hard to do and I admit
that now that I have cut the rope,
it is my heart that bleeds and clings on to slender hope.

But what’s that I hear that interrupts my brooding,
it sounds like a carriage outside,
somethings afoot I feel it in the Aether!
This whiskey was not doing me good
and I would be glad of company, of news, of either.
Ho there friend! Justine is that you?
Thank the gods it is! News and adventure!
My friend arrives in the nick of time.
I welcome this moment with a warm smile,
And I go to greet her.

Copyright Faramond Frie © 2015

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